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Re: source and binary package different versions ?

mirak mirak <mirak63@gmail.com> writes:

>                > So if the source package is application-x.y.z.0.dsc ,
>      the binary
>      > package could just have an increment version, like is
>      > application-x.y.z.0^1.deb, or an ordered hash code, or the build
>      date.
>      that's what happens in the archive already, using binNMUs. An easy
>      way
>      to do it yourself at home: ``dch --bin-nmu''.
> Doing ``dch --bin-nmu'' means that you change the source package and need to
> run debuild -S after to reconstruct the source package, that's the opposite of
> what I am talking about.
> Or I didn't understood what you meant

No. While you do edit debian/changelog that is only for the benefit of
documenting why you did a binNMU in the binary package and so the
binary packages get the right version. You do not build a new source
pakage for this. The binary packages will name the old source +
version as their source.


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