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Re: source and binary package different versions ?

mirak mirak <mirak63@gmail.com> (14/05/2009):
> Hi,


> So if the source package is application-x.y.z.0.dsc , the binary
> package could just have an increment version, like is
> application-x.y.z.0^1.deb, or an ordered hash code, or the build date.

that's what happens in the archive already, using binNMUs. An easy way
to do it yourself at home: “dch --bin-nmu”.

> I am new to packaging, and on some packages I needed to rebuild, I
> wondered that, and maybe need some explanations to understand why it's
> not like that, if it's just an historical problem, etcetera.

You probably want either of debian-{user,mentors}@lists.debian.org for
that kind of questions.


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