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Re: GNU ChangeLogs, commit logs and commits

Quoting Guillem Jover (guillem@debian.org):

> So, I think if we have to switch, we should drop completely the GNU
> style ChangeLog format and use normal git style commit logs.


One less occasion for me to break Eddy's comma under "s".

>   * Short summary should be distinguishable:
>     - Stuff like “Updates” is not useful.
>   * Informative and clear commit logs:
>     - No rants, etc (those are not blog posts :).

Hmmm, I'll need a place to rant...:-)

>   * Correct attribution information:
>     - Use --author when committing on behalf of someone else.

Probably the most important think I'll have to remember about

Any policy you'd like to propose for the content of --author?

Should this be:
FirstName LastName  <email>

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