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Re: Next upload 2008-05-06 (dpkg 1.14.19)

On Wed, 2008-05-07 at 17:12:06 +0200, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> It seems like the update for Portuguese  
> (91443b577ce55f9ac7e1b46cd773ac9048650fd8) was committed to the wrong  
> branch, and should be cherry-picked over to lenny:
>   git checkout lenny #if you have the branch already
>   git checkout -b lenny origin/lenny #if not
>   git cherry-pick 91443b577ce55f9ac7e1b46cd773ac9048650fd8
> and do any fix-ups necessary.

Yeah, noticed it, was planning on fixing it just before the upload, in
case there's more such commits. Thanks for the warning anyway!


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