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Re: Next upload 2008-05-06 (dpkg 1.14.19)

Guillem Jover:

We are going to upload 1.14.19 in a week, so please send to the BTS or commit your translation updates. We might do some other final upload(s) before the release with translation updates, but I don't think we'll be touching much (if at all) the code targetted at lenny, so take that into account, as there might be really few uploads to sid from now on.

It seems like the update for Portuguese (91443b577ce55f9ac7e1b46cd773ac9048650fd8) was committed to the wrong branch, and should be cherry-picked over to lenny:

  git checkout lenny #if you have the branch already
  git checkout -b lenny origin/lenny #if not
  git cherry-pick 91443b577ce55f9ac7e1b46cd773ac9048650fd8

and do any fix-ups necessary.

\\// Peter - http://www.softwolves.pp.se/

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