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Re: Britney(2) and dpkg

Hello Raphael,

thanks for your answer.

* 2008-05-05 20:26, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Well, this code excerpt doesn't tell us at all how dpkg is currently used
> in britney. Can you point us to the relevant code ?

The very only feature of dpkg needed by britney is checking if a given
package is installable or not within a given set of packages. What britney
should be able to do is to build a system of binary packages and check the
installability of (some of) them evaluating dependencies, conflicts and so

> In the end, I suppose that the right path is to export whatever is needed
> in libdpkg and make that library a shared one instead of a statically
> linked one. After that you can of course build a python wrapper module.

That's the my idea, but for that I need some help to figure out at least
where I should look for. :-)

> But you will have to talk to Guillem for more specific details.

What is the best way to reach him, other than this mailing list?

Thanks for your support,

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