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new source package format in dpkg-dev


yesterday I merged all the work we did in the "sourcev3" branch in the
master branch of dpkg. It means it will be in the next dpkg upload.

My last call for test[1] didn't lead to any feedback at all, which is a pity
given the length of the discussion we had about patch management. I'm
pretty sure people are interested in the topic... and it's important to
make sure that the new code in dpkg-source respond to most of the feature
requests that people had.

So please try it out, I built a package here:

The dpkg-source manual page contains all the relevant information about
the new formats. In particular I want feedback on the "3.0 (quilt)" format
which I'd like to promote as the standard format for non-native packages
in lenny+1. It would be particularly interesting to try it out on quilt
using packages and see if packages can be switched "transparently" or if
we need some transition plan. In theory at least, it shoud be transparent
provided that quilt was available at unpack time (so that the quilt
metadata are available and the patch rule becomes a no-op instead of
trying to reapply patches that have been already applied).

Of course, if you notice any regression in the default behaviour for
the current source package format, please tell me as well.

This code is going to be uploaded to unstable RSN, when Guillem has
finished merging the triggers functionnality. (Maybe we'll put it in
experimental for a few days first, but that's not decided yet)

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


[1] http://www.ouaza.com/wp/2008/03/16/new-source-package-formats-call-for-tests/
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