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two dpkg-instances / invoking module-assistant on kernel-upgrade


I built a source-package for module-assistant for a driver needed on boot.

Now I'm searching for a way to re-invoke module-assistant on kernel-upgrades.

My first try was to add a hook to initramfs-tools that launches module-assistant which works perfect when starting mkinitramfs manually. But when installing a new kernel, this hook gets started while a dpkg is running, so I get a conflict, when module-assistant tries to invoke dpkg to install the driver-package it built.

So, what is the best practice to recompile kernel-modules on kernel-upgrades? I'm looking for something like adding a package to install to the running dpkg-run or a possibility for post-dpkg-script or something.
I couldn't find anything on the net.

The only workaround I could imagine is to start m-a from an init-script on reboot/shutdown and then restart update-initramfs, but that would be very impracticable.

Any thoughts?


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