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Re: [PATCH] proposed v3 source format using .git.tar.gz

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> However, stashing away uncommitted changes and not including them in the
> build violates least suprise. I'd except to see them either commited
> automatically, or the current error forcing me to resolve them before
> building. The advantage to auto-committing, of course, is that you don't
> have to know how to use git (or debcommit) to build a package that uses it.

Error out looks to be the most robust thing to do.

Otherwise we can start to get people not properly commiting changes
themselfs ofthenly.

>> 4) aj suggested in this thread to add a Source-Depends field which could
>> be used to specify the dependencies needed to unpack the package. I
>> guess that could prove useful, but I really would like to avoid that
>> all packages need to specify it (even though that might be solvable with
>> substvars defined by the plugin). OTOH if dpkg uses an internal
>> mechanism to map format to dependencies it would be more difficult for
>> other programs like apt to get to this information. Or is this all
>> over-engineering and the plugin should check its pre-requisites itself
>> and note the dependencies in the error message like the current code
>> does.
> One appoach would be for dpkg to build a dpkg-dev-git package that
> includes the git format (and depends on git-core), and so on,
> then "Format: 3.0 (foo)" could be converted to dpkg-dev-foo.

Couldn't dpkg adds the needed packages, automatically, as
build-depends? This looks more logical to me.

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