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Re: [PATCH] proposed v3 source format using .git.tar.gz

On Sun, Feb 10, 2008 at 10:08:58PM +0100, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> I've now added this branch to the "official" dpkg repository on alioth
> with the intention to work on it. I've at least fixed it up so that
> it works with the current code base.

Wow! Exciting times!

> 1) I don't really like the current behaviour when there are uncommitted
> changes in the package directory. I would suggest as default behaviour
> creating a commit containing these changes. This would eliminate the
> need for people having to commit changes if they don't really care.
> The most elegant solution would probably to create the commit, clone it
> and then do a "git reset HEAD^" in the package directory. Don't know if
> that is robust enough, though.

Maybe you could do a "git branch dpkg-build.$UUID", commit in the branch,
generate the .git.tgz, then drop the branch?

> 3) About the plugin interface: I was considering whether it would be
> better to move the tar generation into the plugin itself. 

This makes sense to me -- it seems like the logical conclusion of
Joey's original vies of the orig+diff as a version control system. If
everything's a version control system, then we should just need a plugin
architecture for distributing source via a version control systems,
and use it for everything.

> 4) aj suggested in this thread to add a Source-Depends field which could
> be used to specify the dependencies needed to unpack the package. I
> guess that could prove useful, but I really would like to avoid that
> all packages need to specify it (even though that might be solvable with
> substvars defined by the plugin). 

I wasn't even thinking substvars, I was thinking the plugin would just
have a constant string that would be used for Source-Depends. Newer
versions of the plugin might update the string, to deal with newer
versions of the underlying repository format, but that's it.

The two advantages of that that come to mind are it lets apt ensure
you have everything you need to unpack before downloading anything
(rather than download, try to unpack, upgrade, successfully unpack),
and it gives dak something easy to REJECT on if we want to avoid having
sources in unstable that can't be unpacked with git/bzr/etc from stable.


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