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Re: libdpkg: m_fork and friends

Phil Lello writes ("libdpkg: m_fork and friends"):
> I've already started this thread on debian-win32, however I've moved it 
> here as my questions are about proposed solutions to os-specific issues.

`debian-win32' ?  There is apparently no limit to the crazy things
people will attempt.

> I've started trying to port dpkg natively to Windows (as opposed to 
> using Cygwin).

dpkg is not going to work properly when given a filesystem which does
not have proper Unix semantics.  Ie, it will not work correctly on
Windows.  It doesn't even work properly on NFS so I think you are
doomed.  (Although Windows users are already used to random lossage so
perhaps the occasional failures may be tolerable.)

>    - Are other packages supposed to use m_fork, m_pipe, etc?

Not currently but we plan in the medium term to create a published ABI
for some of dpkg's functionality and that might include some of the
m_* functions and error handling facilities at some point.

>    - If not, do we know of/care about packages that do use it?
>    - If so, would breaking API compatability to allow a Win32 port be a 
> problem.

There are not currently any other packages that use these functions.


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