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Re: libdpkg: m_fork and friends

Ian Jackson wrote:
Phil Lello writes ("libdpkg: m_fork and friends"):
I've started trying to port dpkg natively to Windows (as opposed to using Cygwin).
dpkg is not going to work properly when given a filesystem which does
not have proper Unix semantics.  Ie, it will not work correctly on
Windows.  It doesn't even work properly on NFS so I think you are
doomed.  (Although Windows users are already used to random lossage so
perhaps the occasional failures may be tolerable.)
This is a pretty broad-sweeping statement, but I'm willing to be convinced. What file-system semantics are you thinking of?

Bear in mind that a package intended for a windows target will, by its very nature, be using a win32-compatable filesystem layout.

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