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Re: dpkg.org hosting

Quoting Joerg Jaspert (joerg@debian.org):

> And I've set that up now.[1] Its running on DebConf machines, who now do
> the DNS, MX and webhosting for it. The MX currently knows team@dpkg.org
> pointing to djpig@d.o, guillem@d.o, bubulle@d.o, and those 3 also have

That should probably be changed.

I'm personnally really aside from the dpkg development, apart from
doing the maintenance of l10n stuff. On the other hand, since Scott
left, other people joined the dpkg development and should be part of
that team@dpkg.org thing.....if this is still useful.

I'm not entirely convinced that keeping that address alive is useful,
indeed. We'd better point people to debian-dpkg@lists.d.o

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