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Re: dpkg.org hosting

On 11215 March 1977, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:

> | Just send me the data (or give me download links (ie the moinmoin stuff
> | but also mail aliases)) and I prepare everything needed.
> I've spoken with Joerg about this on IRC and we agree he'll host it on
> debconf.org/SPI infrastructure to avoid a SPOF.  He's got copies of
> the moin date and the mail setup.

And I've set that up now.[1] Its running on DebConf machines, who now do
the DNS, MX and webhosting for it. The MX currently knows team@dpkg.org
pointing to djpig@d.o, guillem@d.o, bubulle@d.o, and those 3 also have
@dpkg.org addresses. Administrative addresses like root, abuse,
webmaster, etc. point to the DebConf admins.

[1] maybe pending dns updates, but from my places it did work :)

The wiki is up, with the content I got from Tollef/Brendan. Last edited
in 2005, I just did a small modification to make it work in the new
*Someone* wants to fill out the frontpage!

The wiki also contains the old user accounts, so whoever had an account
still has it. *CURRENTLY* you need to have a login *and* someone needs to
put that login into the WebEditorsGroup if you want to edit pages.
Right now that means only Frank can edit stuff, but he can also adjust
that WebEditorsGroup.

Now, changes to anything of the above: I don't care how the whole
dpkg.org stuff is run, ie. I will happily add anyone to the mail
forwarding (or create new forwardings), will modify the wiki setup,
etc. pp. *AS LONG* as it does not open a hole for spam idiots.

Any request for changes should come from the dpkg team. To make it easy
to know who can request stuff: "Everyone that receives team@dpkg.org
mail can request config changes". (I will sent them a little more
information how to best reach one of us DebConf admins).

> I'd like to send a thanks to Brendan O'Dea who has been hosting
> dpkg.org for so long.


bye Joerg
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