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Re: dpkg.org hosting

On 11214 March 1977, Brendan O'Dea wrote:

> Since Scott left, I've been hosting the MX for dpkg.org (and due to work
> commitments, precious little else for dpkg unfortunately).

> I've recently changed jobs, and the servers I've been hosting the MX
> from will be going at some point in the near future.

> Anyone care to step up and host the MX?  I also have a copy of the www
> MoinMoin if you're interested in getting that going again.

As I do have the domain registered (via my debconf handle at Gandi.net)
I offer to host the rest of it too.

Just send me the data (or give me download links (ie the moinmoin stuff
but also mail aliases)) and I prepare everything needed.

bye Joerg
Please, not the graphviz one again, I only just finished the therapy I had
to start after I read it the first time. I'm sure this one was written by
some sort of non-human entity. I would go for lawyers.

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