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Re: Is it possible to make a deb package in non-debian system but only dpkg installed?

Le mercredi 31 octobre 2007 à 14:57 +0900, Inuk You a écrit :
> Inuk You wrote:
>> So once I've installed dpkg and checkinstall in the system.
>> Is it problem to try to make .deb in non-debian system? (but dpkg is
>> installed)
> checkinstall assumes that you are on a debian system when building a deb
> package. Wether this is the root of your problem or not is another issue,
> but it will most probably fail.

Thanks Felipe

Do you know how to build deb package on non-debian system? or do you know 
whether there is how to do that or not?
If not, can you recommend the good package management tool like APT for 
non-distro linux?

Distro : N/A


I've started to build & install dpkg on my Solaris environment here.

Here are my progress:
- a clean dev environment for dpkg to build
        - GNU tools, coreutils, awk, sed, binutils, gcc (4.1), make, find, fakeroot
        - Perl 5.8.0 ( I plan to upgrade it asap to 5.8.8 but that's tough work )
        - OpenSSL 0.9.8e

- build of dpkg & all with this customization:

../dpkg-1.14.6_mb/configure --prefix=$HOME/sandbox --without-gnu-ld --disable-linker-optimisations --disable-nls --disable-rpath --without-dselect --without-start-stop-daemon --with-libiconv-prefix=/local/clearcase/tools/gnutools/gnutools_20070820_sol8 --with-libintl-prefix=/local/clearcase/tools/gnutools/gnutools_20070820_sol8 CC=gcc CPPFLAGS="-I$HOME/sandbox/ssl/include -I$HOME/sandbox/include" CFLAGS="-g -m32" LDFLAGS="-L$HOME/sandbox/ssl/lib -L$HOME/sandbox/lib"

- a quick & dirty hack of perl scripts installed, because I do not use the basic perl installed in /usr/bin:

for i in $(grep -l perl * | grep -v Binary); do sed -i -e '1s:/usr/bin/perl:/home/OPNSRC/PERL-5.8.0/bin/perl:' $i; done

On Solaris there is a compilation problem with :
- getopt
- obstack

I riped those two from some GNU source tree around and added them to the dpkg/lib directory and Makefile.am

Someone want to progress on this track with me ?

Best regards,

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