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Is it possible to make a deb package in non-debian system but only dpkg installed?

Hi there,

I'm on testing whether possible to make a deb package or not, in non-debian system (only dpkg installed). Also if possible, can I install (# dpkg -i package.deb) "the package I made in the system" (not general deb package) to the system?

So once I've installed dpkg and checkinstall in the system.
Is it problem to try to make .deb in non-debian system? (but dpkg is installed)

Distro : N/A
Test package : sed
dpkg is installed by source compiling.

Following is the error from checkinstall.

# checkinstall -D
======================== Installation successful ==========================
Copying files to the temporary directory...OK
Striping ELF binaries and libraries...OK
Compressing man pages...OK
Building file list...OK

Building Debian package.../usr/local/sbin/checkinstall: line 2460: 4864 Broken pipe
            dpkg-deb -b $BUILD_DIR "$DEBPKG" >&${TMP_DIR}/dpkgbuild.log

*** Failed to build the package

Do you want to see the log file?  [y]:
/usr/local/sbin/checkinstall: line 2414: /usr/bin/sensible-pager: No such file or directory
Erasing temporary files...OK
Writing backup package...OK
Deleting temp dir...OK

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