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Re: Triggers status?

On Wed, 31 Oct 2007, Guillem Jover wrote:
> If this was about fixing only log entries, there's several ways to
> accomplish that that imply zero conflict resolution while merging,
> 'git commit --amend', 'git format-patch' and editing the resulting
> mails, 'git cherry-pick -n', the more advanced 'git-filter-branch',
> etc.

In general mostly yes, but it's not really true in the case of Ian's
dpkg.triggers dpkg.speedup branch, see the tries that I did in
<[🔎] 20071025072928.GB4720@ouaza.com>.

That's because Ian based his speedup branch on his triggers branch and
made several changes to the same area of code in both branches. That is if
you rewrite history, you loose the merge information and you'll get some
conflicts on those area (but they are trivial to fix for the one who 
has written the code). (That said, if you rewrite history on the parent
branch, you should also rewrite it in the child branch)

My only suggestions for the future are:
1/ Avoid implementing new features on top of an unmerged branch (if
2/ If it's required, make sure that the unmerged branch is clean
   and ready to be merged
3/ Don't fear conflicts, they're not the root of all evil and git makes it
   easy to resolve them (and git-rerere helps you there to avoid resolving
   multiple times the same conflict, in case you rewrite the history
   multiple times)

Raphaël Hertzog

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