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Re: [RFC] dpkg-buildpackage development goal

>>>>> "Otavio" == Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> writes:


    Otavio>  A  week  ago  I  was talking  to  Arnaud  (squashfs  Debian
    Otavio> maintainer,  on Cc) and  we were talking about  this problem
    Otavio> and we think the best way to avoid this problem is to have a
    Otavio> common  place for configuration so all  those wrappers avoid
    Otavio> duplicated settings.

    Otavio> It would be better to offer a way to set and get settings in
    Otavio> a common  way and then make all those tools  to use it. This
    Otavio> would make the switch much easier.

I think we should  have one configuration file (~/.rcs-buildpackage.conf
maybe?)   and if  needed another  configuration files  for  specific RCS
options. The  latter would override the former  settings.  Choosing this
approach means  that we  should have common  options, I haven't  had the
time yet to  check whether the different *-buildpackage  tools share the
same options.  But  I think it shouldn't be so  complicated to patch the
different tools  for using the configuration file  mentioned above. What
do you think?

Arnaud Fontaine 

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