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Re: Draft spec for new dpkg "triggers" feature

* Ian Jackson (iwj@ubuntu.com) [070130 18:25]:
> When a trigger is activated, it becomes pending for every package
> which is interested in the trigger at that time.  Each package has a
> list of zero or more pending triggers.
> A package with pending triggers is not considered properly installed
> until efforts to notify it of the trigger event have been successful.
> The new state of having pending triggers is a dpkg package status of
> `triggered', which lies somewhere between `config-failed' and
> `installed'.

What does this mean for a package depending on a triggered package? Can
that be properly configured before, or only after?

Consider package foo depends on package bar, and package bar is
triggered by a file installed by package foo. Does this work?

Currently, the sequence would be:
unpack foo bar
configure bar
configure foo

How would this sequence be in future? Would that be considered an cyclic
dependency, and broken at random?


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