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Re: Draft spec for new dpkg "triggers" feature

Ian Jackson wrote:
> ===============
> >From old dpkg to new dpkg
> -------------------------
> The first time a trigger-supporting dpkg is run on any system, it will
> activate all triggers in which anyone is interested, immediately.
> These trigger activations will not be processed in the same dpkg run,
> to avoid unexpectedly processing triggers while attempting an
> unrelated operation.  dpkg --configure --pending (and not other dpkg
> operations) will run the triggers, and the dpkg postinst will warn the
> user about the need to run it.
> To use this correctly:
>  * Packages which are interested in triggers, or which want to
>     explicitly activate triggers, should Depend on the
>     triggers-supporting version of dpkg.
>  * Update instructions and tools should arrange to run
>     dpkg --configure --pending
>    after the install; this will process the pending triggers.

I wonder if you could expand a bit on how this will look if it happens
in the middle of an apt run performing a major upgrade.

Probably apt will tend to upgrade to the new dpkg early in the run,
since many packages will depend on it for triggers. This will probably
happen in a separate dpkg invocation than most of the rest of the
upgrade, given the way apt works. Some other packages might be upgraded
first, and some of those might activate triggers installed later. Will
those be the ones that will need the --configure --pending to be
handled? Or would it only be limited to trigger-defining packages that
are installed in the same dpkg run as the new dpkg?

see shy jo

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