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String freeze for dselect

On Wed October 4 2006 23:17, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Considering the very recent discussions in the maling list, I hereby
> consider that translatable strings are now frozen in dpkg.
> That means that I urge you fellow developers to please coordinate
> with me in case you plan to introduce changes which change a
> translatable string IN ANY WAY.
> I will post a final call for translation updates and I'll open a
> special bug report for that to avoid multiple bug reports, one per
> language.
> I will also send a call for updates for dselect in case some crazy
> dudes absolutely insist to be 100% for that old piece noone really
> cares about....:-)

I believe the attached diff can be used to close a long standing dselect 
bug... because some of us do still care.  ;-)

The more verbose descriptions (made possible by removing the redundant 
pkg->name) and capitalization of "Available" and "Installed" should 
result in less confusing status lines.

- Bruce
--- pkginfo.cc	2006-01-18 01:30:03.000000000 -0700
+++ pkginfo-bms.cc	2006-10-05 14:27:22.000000000 -0600
@@ -129,10 +129,9 @@
 void packagelist::itd_statuscontrol() {
   if (!table[cursorline]->pkg->name) {
-    severalinfoblurb(_("currently installed control info"));
+    severalinfoblurb(_("control file information for Installed package"));
   } else {
-    whatinfovb(_("installed control info for "));
-    whatinfovb(table[cursorline]->pkg->name);
+    whatinfovb(_("Installed control file information"));
     varbuf vb;
@@ -145,10 +144,9 @@
 void packagelist::itd_availablecontrol() {
   if (!table[cursorline]->pkg->name) {
-    severalinfoblurb(_("available version of control file info"));
+    severalinfoblurb(_("control file information for Available package"));
   } else {
-    whatinfovb(_("available version of control info for "));
-    whatinfovb(table[cursorline]->pkg->name);
+    whatinfovb(_("Available control file information"));
     varbuf vb;

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