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Re: Next upload 2006-10-06

Quoting Guillem Jover (guillem@debian.org):
> Hi,
> I'll upload the current release to unstable on 2006-10-06, with what we
> agree with the RMs (we have to clarify r541 first though). I'll be
> checking the changelogs before the upload, as there have been several
> commits missing those.
> Also there's going to be at least another upload before the release,
> so missing translations or documentation can go in in that one. For
> code changes, that will have to be agreed with the RMs again, and
> I'd prefer to do that before we start commiting stuff.

What about #390914 and #390916 ? I see them as mostly i18n-related so
worth fixing (even if it breaks 100% for some languages....those will
very quickly cope with the changes).

I suggest that, after this release, we do our best for pushing etch
acceptable fixes (probably l10n/documentation stuff) on a timely
manner (ie every 2 weeks or so) instead of a big updates at the very
last moment. RC issues (which I don't hope we'll have) would of course
be treated separately..:)

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