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Re: How are things going?

Nicolas François writes ("Re: How are things going?"):
> The first patches were applied in the dpkg's repository.
> This means that the svn version should support packages using Breaks (I
> mean not reject them, but they will not use the content of these fields).

I need to check that the final version of the patch is the one that
got applied.

Also, to make proper use of Breaks changes are needed to apt and
aptitude as well.  It might be nice (but not essential) to improve
dselect too.

I have a complete working implementation of Breaks in apt; aptitude I
have hacked to make it treat it like Conflicts (which is not right but
better than ignoring it).

> If including the rest of the Breaks patches is also acceptable, I
> volunteer to push it in the svn (after listening Ian's opinion; was there
> any issue in Ubuntu?).

I think the Breaks support that we have in Ubuntu's dpkg and apt, and
the hack for aptitude, are suitable for inclusion in etch.  But
actually using it in packages in etch won't work very well because
sarge's tools don't know about it.


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