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Working on dpkg during Debconf


As you might have noticed I hadn't really time the last weeks to work on
dpkg. However, I would like to make up for that during DebCamp next
week, preferably by hacking on it together with others.
I will be there from Monday (May, 8th) and will probably able to invest
up to 50% of my time in dpkg (the other half hopefully going to

Maybe others could post here if and when they will be there and if they
would like to invest time in hacking on dpkg. I know I could also
extract this information from the particpants list on the debconf page,
but chances are I will miss some people or they have already other
commitments during DebCamp.

Some things I would like to work on (probably too many right now):

 - Going through the pile of patches in the BTS, discuss, test and
   hopefully apply them
 - Maybe some more clean-up work in scripts/. I would like to discuss
   some ideas about restructuring the code to make for easier use and
   maintainance in the future
 - I have neglected the test-suite discussion I started myself lately.
   Experiences like the dpkg-scanpackages patches have shown that we
   really, really should have one

 - Etch release plan. We have essentially 3 months left until the base
   freeze, so we should make a list of bugs we would like to resolve
   until then. Maybe we also can identify some bugs we will certainly
   not fix for etch since they would mean too much changes.
 - SVN. We should try again to import the old history. CVS is mostly
   simple. The problem is the arch stuff.
 - Documentation. Especially for the dpkg-dev stuff I have the fealing
   we change stuff way faster than we document these changes. Compiling
   a list of added/changed features compared to the sarge version could
   be a good idea.

Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org>
www: http://www.djpig.de/

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