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Re: comments/string changes and issues with dpkg's messages

> > An internal error occured in dpkg. Please report the issue to the debian
> > BTS if you can, alongside with any relevant information such as what you did 
> > to reach this error and the detail of the issue indicated below. If you know 
> > how to reproduce the issue, please make sure to indicate it in your report.
> > More information about reporting bugs against dpkg:
> > http://www.dpkg.org/how_to_report
> > 
> > Detail of the problem:
> > Cannot stat /var/lib/dpkg/status
> > >>>>>>>>>>
> > 
> I hate these kinds of errors; it suggests that you've found a bug in
> dpkg -- when most likely you've just forgotten to mount /var or
> something.

Well, I can understand Scott's concern: if each and every internal
error message in dpkg suggests reporting a bug, he will need more help
to maintain the package....

However, this could only be a matter of phrasing the message
suggesting users to report it.

Something like:

"After checking that nothing in your local setup is likely to trigger
this error, you may want to report it to the software
maintainers.....blah blah"

I guess you get the point.

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