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Re: comments/string changes and issues with dpkg's messages

> > Scott, the above was obiously humor but it then confuses my mind..:-)
> > Do you actually agree with the messages better being *not*
> > translatable or do you prefer keeping the current situation?
> > 
> It's an interesting question, certainly; to my mind I don't think it's
> any scarier to dump a scary english message or a scary french one.  The
> added advantage to translating them is that the user might have the
> skill to know what's going wrong and fix it, the disadvantage is that I
> have to un-translate them when the error reports come in.

And, so far, after nearly one year of dpkg PTS subscription, I've
never seen a report with a translated error message...:-)

Other advices about these cryptic error messages i18n?

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