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Re: About dpkg translation, please consider i18n when choosing words

I'll not nitpick the messages one by one. I think that Scott being a
native English speaker more qualifies than all of us to decide what is
correct English or not (even if we will fall some day in the
traditional British vs US English debate...:-))

There are probably several messages in dpkg which are not clear, or
jargon, or just crap.

There are also 1000 strings in dpkg, some of them being there for more
than 10 years.

Scott is actively developing dpkg and I think we probably shouldn't
waste his time too much in English messages correction *now*.

Given the development model of dpkg, someone, probably a native
speaker, should make the effort of going through all strings and give
them some consistency/spell/jargon check.

Let's find this guy/girl, that would be nice. We need someone able to
both understand/speak perfect English AND able to have a good idea
what the code is about AND having some time to spare. Not that easy..:-)

> > "dpkg not recorded as installed, cannot check for epoch support !\n"
> > "dpkg is not recorded as installed, so I cannot check for epoch
> > support !\n or what?
> > 
> This is entirely valid English.  For dpkg to use the term "I" would be
> incorrect English (though correct in most other IE languages, at least).

For instance, tracking down these use of first person, which I
personnally consider completely "amateur" style and to be replaced by
neutral sentences which do not turn the computer into a human..:-)

But, I bet that Scott is not responsible for these messages anyway so
I can bash them anyway..:-)

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