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About dpkg translation, please consider i18n when choosing words

Wrt to the msgid:

gobble replaced file `%.255s'

I find the word 'gobble' highly untranslatable, at least not without 
choosing a synonym. While I understand that for native English 
speakers it's hard not to use computer slang, choosing such words for 
program messages, makes it quite hard for translators.

After discussion on #debian-boot, we concluded that this message is 
actually equivalent to this one:

read and skipped file '%.255s'

Which is much more easier to translate, and imho, much clearer in 
English as well. I haven't filed a bug report on this, as I'd prefer 
a discussion first, but imho unclear messages like that are certainly 
no help to anyone other than the developer and therefore should not 
be i18n'ed. If they are to appear to the user as warning/error/etc. 
they should be as clear as possible, otherwise I would call this a 


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