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Building debs: Interesting inter-dependency conundrum.


I am building a couple of packages that I want to be installed (one
installed new and one upgraded actually) on a Debian Woody system.  The
packages have interesting inter-dependencies and I am not sure how to
set the flags in their respective control files to reflect this.

Let's call the two packages "eh" and "bee".

A prior version of "eh" will be present on the system being upgraded so
the process to get the two packages on there will be to perform a
dist-upgrade to bring in the updated version of "eh" and a brand new
package, "bee".

This much I know:  I need to set "Depends: bee" in "eh"'s control file
to have the brand new "bee" package installed during the upgrade of

But the twist is that "eh" needs to be configured (I don't care what
order they are unpacked in) prior to "bee" because "eh"('s postinst)
does work that needs to be done before "bee"'s configuration/postinst
can be done.

So how can I describe this situation to dpkg?


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Brian J. Murrell

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