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Re: dpkg and debhelper patches for lib64 support

Bart Trojanowski wrote:
> On a 64 bit kernel with 32 bit binary emulation support, you can run
> aything.  However, when using a 32 bit kernel, one must have at least a
> 32 bit modutils.  Running a 64 bit insmod, which I had the displeasure
> of doing once, is disastrous on a 32 bit kernel.
> There may be other instances where a package (ex: the i386 kernel) would
> require another to provide a particular binary variant (ex: the i386
> modutils).
> Granted this is a small problem.

This kind of thing is why I think that when dpkg gets support for
installing multiple architectures on a single machine, dependencies
should also get support for architectures added to them in some form or
another. Possibly like this:

Depends: package (version) [arch]

There are other more flexible solutions involving virtual packages,
which have been proposed by Marcus Brinkmann before.

see shy jo

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