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Fwd: Dpkg Errors

Note: forwarded message attached.

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I'm not sure who the package maintainter is for this,
but you've obviously proofed the documentation
recently...and missed some stuff.

Perhaps you could pass this on to the maintainer(s)

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Oh boy, am I gonna blow YOUR mind!!!!

I found the solution shortly thereafter - not including the day or two I spent on it a few months ago.

Briefly, the documentation is wrong.

I'm using it with V2.2.17pre19 - which probably won't make much difference.

First, the command for "dpkg-scanpackages" is incomplete. That command should read:

	dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null | gzip > Packages.gz

Nothing else works.

If you attempt to specify an output path as in:

	dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null mypath/subpath | gzip > Packages.gz

The Packages.gz will be invalidated by the statement(s):

	Filename: mypath/subpath./packagename.deb

Which should be more like:

	Filename: /mypath/subpath/packagename.deb

That is, assuming that the statement is supposed to tell dselect where to go looking (??)
Also note the usage of the "/" between input and output.

Next, the statements to use APT locally should read:

	deb file: main debs


	deb-src file: main debs

and you MUST specify either main, stable, contrib, non-US, or non-free as the FIRST argument.

APT will then search for the *.gz files in (get this):


	where <arch> is your architecture.

One would think that "file:/" WOULD default to root, and skip any other assumptions, but it does not. 

Isn't that lovely? It gets better....

Since you can't pas an output path to dpkg-scanpackages, your *.deb files must be in:


That's not so much of a problem, since that is the download target, but do you know how long it took to figure all this out???

Planning on sending this report in.

Thanks for getting back to me.


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