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Re: Fwd: Dpkg Errors

Previously Christopher Buckley wrote:
> Oh boy, am I gonna blow YOUR mind!!!!

My spam filter was very happy with that line :)

> First, the command for "dpkg-scanpackages" is incomplete. That command
> should read:
> 	dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null | gzip > Packages.gz
> Nothing else works.

There are other variants that work.

> If you attempt to specify an output path as in:
> 	dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null mypath/subpath | gzip > Packages.gz
> The Packages.gz will be invalidated by the statement(s):
> 	Filename: mypath/subpath./packagename.deb
> Which should be more like:
> 	Filename: /mypath/subpath/packagename.deb

Why? You explicitly specified a relative path in the dpkg-scanpackages

> Next, the statements to use APT locally should read:
> 	deb file: main debs
> OR
> 	deb-src file: main debs
> and you MUST specify either main, stable, contrib, non-US, or non-free
> as the FIRST argument.

If I remember correctly you can get away with not specifying a section
as well. You can also use "./" if you are not using sections in your

> One would think that "file:/" WOULD default to root, and skip any
> other assumptions, but it does not. 

file:/ is not a legal URI, you have to use file:/// instead. But I
don't see where you can use file: URIs here.

> Since you can't pas an output path to dpkg-scanpackages, your *.deb
> files must be in:
> 	/var/cache/apt/archives

Now you completely lost me. Perhaps you should start but saying what
it is you are trying to accomplish.


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