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Re: translations...

On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, Michael Bramer wrote:

> > No. We'll get to it then we get to it, and it'll be ready when it's
> > ready.
> sorry, wichert. This is not a goog answer.

It's a perfectly good answer.  Those who do the work, get to prioritze.
That's the way life works.

> Now we have >9000 descriptions translated in german and other languages
> have also some tausend translated descriptions. See
>    http://ddtp.debian.org/new/pdesc/gnuplot/ddts-stat.png
> We should start support of this descriptions.
> Can't nobody help you?

If you want it supported, then do the work to make it supported.

> Maybe you don't need support for translated descriptions private. But
> others need this support. If we can get some white papers or some paper
> of concepts of this support, we can search for some programmer, can help
> or make some comments on this concept...

Papers do nothing to make it work.  They just distract from the jobs at hand.

> Or maybe you can give some TODO-list with items in order of your
> preferences?
> It is not very nice, if you translated this all, search and find new
> translators, get all this translations uptodate and you don't get any
> support from the apt/dpkg developers or some time table or some comments
> from this developers.

Well, that's they way the world works.  Live with it, deal with it.
Translations of some text are so small on the priority scale, compared to
actually being able to install packages correctly.

Users can still install the packages.  It's just the descriptions that are not
in their native tongue.  The packages themselves can be translated perfectly

> sorry, but IMHO 'We'll get to it then we get to it' is not enough!

It is.

> I don't request the support now. I only request some start of concepts
> or some plan. We should starting with the work!

Show us the code.

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