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Bug#151484: dselect: new dselect keybindings complicate things

On 7/1/02 6:22 AM, Josip Rodin <joy@gkvk.hr> wrote:

> Word has it the key bindings will become configurable one day...

Just my personal opinion, but this might be going a bit too far, too much
work for something not very useful. But
>> as I don't see what was wrong with the old way,
> For example, that it was out of synch with the rest of programs that use
> scrolling on Unix? :)

Well, yes, I was aware of that. It's just annoying to change old habits. But
I just noticed that dselect has an --expert option which turns off the help
messages anyway, which is even better. It's easier to get used to hitting
nothing instead of a new key. :)

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