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Bug#151484: dselect: new dselect keybindings complicate things

On Sun, Jun 30, 2002 at 05:52:43PM -0400, David Kamholz wrote:
> Package: dselect
> Version: 1.10
> Severity: minor
> I am used to typing space to dismiss the help screens dselect brings up.
> In version 1.10, this scrolls through the help -- it is now required to
> hit enter to dismiss the screens. I see no particular reason to force
> everyone to get used to a new interface,

Word has it the key bindings will become configurable one day...

> as I don't see what was wrong with the old way,

For example, that it was out of synch with the rest of programs that use
scrolling on Unix? :)

> especially when there's already another key, d, which is used to scroll
> down in the package info screens.

d and u are separate scrolling keys that make it able to scroll both halves
of the selection screen without pressing Tab or some such to switch over to
the bottom screen. Arguably this is also confusing and unnecessary, and Tab
should be available too.

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