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Re: dpkg-scanlibs

Previously Aaron Lehmann wrote:
> Would that make (*shudder*) python mandatory for people who build
> packages? We already have one required crappy language in the
> distribution, and I'm not convinced that it's a good idea to add yet
> another.

<advocate>I'm not replacing it with another crappy language

> Perhaps this would be best implemented as a shell script. However, the
> hash stuff would not be quite so simple in shell. How about using
> shoop (*duck*) :).

Get real :). Python is perfect for something like this. (argueably
so it perl, I just happen to prefer python).

> To return to being serious, I think that this script is short enough
> that it's not worth mandating python installation for all developers
> just to use it. It would be trivial to rewrite it in Perl. Can Python
> produce small excecutables that do not depend on pythonic libraries?

No, the other perl scripts will become either python scripts or C
programs in the period of this year. I'll make sure dpkg doesn't
start depending on python, but dpkg-dev will likely become all python.


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