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Re: dpkg-scanlibs

Previously Jon Nelson wrote:
> I only see one problem with dpkg-scanlibs.py: it uses tabs
> tabs are evil, wichert!  Every editor under the sun uses different tab 
> settings.  Use spaces, my man.

Repeat after me:

	Tabs are good. Tabs tell you an indent is requested but do not
	force the displayed indent level on the editor.

I do not mix tabs and spaces, and if your editor starts doing that
I suggesting switching to a proper editor. If you do start mixing
them you can trivialy make those changes visible by changing the
syntax highlightning. If you use vim do this:

	syn match leadingSpace	"^\s\+\<" contained badTabs
	syn match badTabs	"\t"
	hi def link badTabs Error

which will make spaces in leading whitespace light up as errors.
(untested, but should work)


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