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Re: dpkg-scanlibs

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Jon Nelson wrote:
> > I only see one problem with dpkg-scanlibs.py: it uses tabs
> > tabs are evil, wichert!  Every editor under the sun uses different tab 
> > settings.  Use spaces, my man.
> Repeat after me:
> 	Tabs are good. Tabs tell you an indent is requested but do not
> 	force the displayed indent level on the editor.
> I do not mix tabs and spaces, and if your editor starts doing that
> I suggesting switching to a proper editor. If you do start mixing

You might not have to throw it away, you might just have to configure it
properly. E.g. in emacs you will not only have to set the indent-level but
the tab-width also. If the tab-width is not equal to, or at least a --
f*** how do you call a "Ganzzahliges Vielfaches" in english -- of the
indent-level, it will mix tabs and spaces, else it won't.

Manfred Wassmann
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