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Re: Current list of serious problems related to Hurd

Previously Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> * #68783: dpkg should call exec with full path in argv[0]
> STRATEGY: Includes a working patch which shows what has to be done.
> REASON: Prevents configuration of debconf, which a lot of packages depend
> on, screwing up even the most basic installations.

I still consider this a bug in HURD, but I'll add the workaround.

> * #31620: dpkg: don't use hard coded ENOENT
> STRATEGY: Use Errno.pm ENOENT which is in perl-5.005-base.
> [See also fixed bug report #47204, but note that perl-5.6 gets it wrong
> again!!! I am reopening it and reassigning to perl-5.6-base.]
> REASON: We have thread based errno's, which are different (in the upper
> bits).

Is POSIX::ENOENT finally in perl-base now? I've seen 2 or 3 promised for
that to happen but never any action afaik.

> * #76941: dpkg: [hurd] configure gets the architecture wrong
> STRATEGY: Loosen pattern matching against archtable.
> REASON: Gnu config.guess is i386-gnu0.2, which doesn't match i386-gnu.
> This prevents any native build.

A quick peek in configure.in shows no pattern matching code at all..

> Versioned conflicts (depends) match (not) against provides, screwing up some
> work arounds which we use to fool packages into thinking that we have the
> linux packages installed (shellutils depends on login, which we don't have.
> This screws up basic installs.

Known problem, will be fixed once Ben debugs his verprov patches.

> linux-all, you know it ;)

Package pools make that easier even


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