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Current list of serious problems related to Hurd


this is the list of problems in the current dpkg that only pop up in the
Hurd. I am posting this as an additional information for you to set your
priorities (either up or down, as you see it :)

* Bug 

* #68783: dpkg should call exec with full path in argv[0]
STRATEGY: Includes a working patch which shows what has to be done.
REASON: Prevents configuration of debconf, which a lot of packages depend
on, screwing up even the most basic installations.

* #31620: dpkg: don't use hard coded ENOENT
STRATEGY: Use Errno.pm ENOENT which is in perl-5.005-base.
[See also fixed bug report #47204, but note that perl-5.6 gets it wrong
again!!! I am reopening it and reassigning to perl-5.6-base.]
REASON: We have thread based errno's, which are different (in the upper

* #76941: dpkg: [hurd] configure gets the architecture wrong
STRATEGY: Loosen pattern matching against archtable.
REASON: Gnu config.guess is i386-gnu0.2, which doesn't match i386-gnu.
This prevents any native build.

Broader problems:

Versioned conflicts (depends) match (not) against provides, screwing up some
work arounds which we use to fool packages into thinking that we have the
linux packages installed (shellutils depends on login, which we don't have.
This screws up basic installs.

linux-all, you know it ;)


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