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how to undo an upgrade

Hi folks,

I do not know whether you have worked with AIX before: AIX 4.3 has
a packaging scheme that can be compared to dpkg. You can download
the packages via network or load them from a CD, dependencies are 
resolved automatically, etc. In general it not as good as dpkg, 
cause it requires more manual steps and is pretty slow, but it has 
one _big_ advantage:

	You can undo an upgrade. 

This is realized by an additional installation state. Packages can
be 'applied', i.e. installed, and at a later time they can be 
'committed' to remove the backup of the old files, or they can
be 'rejected' to put the backup in place.

Is there a chance to get such a feature for dpkg? This is the top 
item on my wishlist for Xmas :-)


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