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Re: I18n of Packages files

Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> I agree that "putting all translations into one file would cause 
> various problems".  At least, it should be in source package for
> ease of maintaince.  Even when we can use unicode (i.e., all langs
> in one character encoding), it may be easy to maintain one's own
> langage file to match the main (english) one for translaters, 
> because of the similarity and the order in that file.

It's probably worth looking at the infrastructure we've developed to
allow translating of debconf template files, which are formatted similarly
to control files. Translated text is stored in Description-LL and so on.
I've a program to generate blank template files to be translated,
with English context, another program to merge those translated files
together, yeilding the final templates file. The only peice that's
missing is a program to detect when a translation is out of date, but it
shouldn't be hard to write.

> If many langs are written in one files, the description at the middle
> of the file is harder to be updated because the translater must find
> his part before to start his work.

This is not a problem when you just edit templates.ll which only has
your language and optional English for context in it.

see shy jo

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