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Re: package versions in dselect, and Release file

On 25 Jun 2000, Ian Zimmerman wrote:

>        dpkg-scanpackages  binarydir  overridefile  [pathprefix] >
>        Packages
>        binarydir is the name of the binary tree to  process  (for
>        example,  contrib/binary-i386).   It  is best to make this
>        relative to the root of the Debian archive, because  every
>        Filename  field  in  the new Packages file will start with
>        this string.
> At the very least, this needs a little clarification.  What is the
> "root of the Debian archive"?  I assumed it was
> foobar/dists/{frozen,stable,whatever}, and it was a natural assumption
> because it corresponded to the example given.  Now we know I was
> wrong, foobar is the "root".  But I would never know just from the
> manpage.

When that man page was written its example would have made sense, the
structure of the archive has simply changed over time and nobody has
updated it.


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