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Re: New XML-based package description file format?

Vincent Renardias wrote:
> I find the current 'Packages' file format rather impractical and not
> complete compared to the index used on www.rpmfind.net for example.

Hm. I don't.

What are your specific concerns?

The xml file you attached has lots of fields we don't put in Packages
files, because we don't need them. But if we do need them for some
reason, the current format is sufficiently flexable to have them added.

> If I develop a new XML based format and add it to dpkg-scanpackages, is
> there a chance to see is used? (concurently with the current format for
> example).

Such an xml-based format would have, at a minimum, 2x the overhead for
tags than the current format has. Since these things get downloaded all
the time, that is a big issue, IMHO.

see shy jo, who thinks XML has its place, and this is probably not it. 
            See http://www.advogato.org/article/47.html

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