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AW: Is this the right place for Dselect discussion

> > I'm playing around with frozen potato, doing everything 
> with dselect or
> > dpkg if dselect doesn't work. But each time I get more 
> THe problems you list are as much with the access methods as the
> program itself. The access methods which use local files like cdroms
> just run dpkg over all the files, which is, as you say, slightly
> inefficient.  It's not a big problem, apart from aesthetically.
I've downloaded the full frozen potato, put it on a separate partition and
use it from there. Still even using CD's, dselect should only process
changed packages if there are any already installed. Besides a new
installation does nothing else as processing only changed packages, since
there were no others installed.

The problem is not in the aesthetics or in the time used, it's in the output
produced. For a casual user is's impossible to locate any problem.

> Personally, I'd recommend using apt.  In particular, apt-get -f
I also considered using apt but as long as dselect is the standard
installation program on the official CD's, dselect should be maintained and
fix the problems.

O. Wyss

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