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Re: Is this the right place for Dselect discussion

On Tue, Apr 11, 2000 at 11:21:05AM +0100, Wyss, Otto wrote:
> > > I'm playing around with frozen potato, doing everything 
> > with dselect or
> > > dpkg if dselect doesn't work. But each time I get more 
> > 
> > THe problems you list are as much with the access methods as the
> > program itself. The access methods which use local files like cdroms
> > just run dpkg over all the files, which is, as you say, slightly
> > inefficient.  It's not a big problem, apart from aesthetically.
> >  

> I've downloaded the full frozen potato, put it on a separate partition and
> use it from there. Still even using CD's, dselect should only process
> changed packages if there are any already installed. Besides a new
> installation does nothing else as processing only changed packages, since
> there were no others installed.

It's not harmful, though.  Just slightly annoying.

> The problem is not in the aesthetics or in the time used, it's in the output
> produced. For a casual user is's impossible to locate any problem.

Yeah, I see that.

> > Personally, I'd recommend using apt.  In particular, apt-get -f
> > 

> I also considered using apt but as long as dselect is the standard
> installation program on the official CD's, dselect should be maintained and
> fix the problems.

I don't think you appreciate my point.

Apt is the recommended dselect method.  I'm not saying stop using
dselect, I'm saying use dselect with the apt method.

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