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RE: New to Debian

It's best to keep debian-dpkg in the Cc:.  There are many people at that
address (which is a mailing list) more knowledgeable about dpkg, and using
it on other OSes, than I.

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Adam  Cormany wrote:

> Ok, Well we use some other packages along with our code during compile.
> Unsure if you have heard of these, but we use RogueWave and ACE. When we
> compile our code, then use debian's package? Will this eliminate the need
> for our client to have ACE and RogueWave installed on their AIX boxes as
> well? How lengthy is the compile of dpkg?

The dpkg compile takes a while.  A couple of hours, say.

As for ACE and RogueWave, depending on the sort of work you do and the
relationship you have with your clients, you'd either create .debs of
roguewave and ACE (the run-time libraries only, the headers aren't
necessary), or you'd supply them as part of the main .deb of your program.
Possibly statically linking your program, if you wanted to reduce the
amount of clutter you were putting on your clients' systems.

In a typical debian environment, *everything* is in .deb packages. Library
packages are split into two halves, the lib package which contains the
shared libraries, and the -dev package which contains header files.
Debian users who wish to compile programs install the relevant -dev
package, Debian users who are simply using programs only install the lib
packages.  On Debian, all libraries are dynamically linked - since this is
the technically correct decision for a complete operating system
distribution, which is what we are.

However, dpkg, our tool, can be used in other contexts, and a different
policy may be appropriate in yours.


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