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Re: New to Debian

Previously Jules Bean wrote:
> The dpkg compile takes a while.  A couple of hours, say.

dpkg doesn't take a long time to compile; I can compile it and build a
package in under 2 minutes.

How long it takes to build a package of something highly depends on what
you are packaging of course.

I'm very interested in knowing if dpkg builds and works on AIX. 

> However, dpkg, our tool, can be used in other contexts, and a different
> policy may be appropriate in yours.

In this case dpkg will probably be used for only a couple of packages
on an already complete system. This is no problem at all; the only real
difference is that you can't make the same guarantees that you can as
on a Debian system since dpkg doesn't know anything about the system
that is not shipped as a package. (ie you can't depend on a certain
version of the C library since the C library isn't distributed as a
package so dpkg doesn't know what version you have).


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