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Re: New to Debian

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Adam Cormany wrote:

> Hello, I just today heard of Debian when I was searching around on the web
> for a solution to my problem. Hopefully this will be the solution.
> I'm looking for a software package that will package source code into
> sendable executables. We are currently sending our source code to our
> clients and they have to compile and install the executables. We would like
> to get away from that and only send executables or some form of installation
> that doesn't involve them compiling code. We use AIX (various levels). Will
> dpkg do this for me? If not, can you direct me to something that can? Thanks
> in advance for any info you can offer on this subject.


However, you would need to port dpkg to AIX.  That shouldn't be too hard,
since it was recently ported to HP/UX, so most of the glaring portability
problems have probably been dealt with.

You would of course need (or need your clients to) compile dpkg on their
machines.  Thereafter, you could simply send them .debs of everything.
Including new versions of dpkg - dpkg is capable of installing a new
version of itself.


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